When Life Throws Curveballs: Shakira’s Heartbreak as She Discovers Pique’s Infidelity While Her Father Battles for Life in Hospital

In a recent interview, SHAKIRA shared her emotional turmoil after finding out about Gerard Pique’s betrayal while her father was battling for his life in the hospital. She expressed her devastation over the situation, especially since she couldn’t seek advice from her father, William Mebarak Chadid, who was 91 years old at the time. The incident left her heartbroken and struggling to cope with the double blow.

Shakira said she discovered Pique's 'betrayal' while her dad, 91, was fighting for his life

Shakira revealed that she became aware of Pique’s act of betrayal when her 91-year-old father was battling for his life.

She split from the former Barcelona star last year amid cheating rumours

Last year, she separated from the ex-Barcelona player due to allegations of infidelity.

She praised her beloved parents for being role models to her two young sons

Colombian singer Shakira revealed that her father, William Mebarak Chadid, was her source of strength during her difficult split from former partner Gerard Pique, a former Barcelona star. She discovered his infidelity after finding an empty jam jar in their fridge that she and her children did not eat. The clue led to her suspicion that Pique had a secret guest over without her knowledge. Shakira’s relationship with Pique lasted 11 years, and they share two children, Milan and Sasha. In the meantime, Shakira has been linked romantically to Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, who has reportedly taken her on a boat day with friends in Miami. Shakira is said to be taking her time before committing seriously to another relationship.

Pique quickly moved on with Clara Chia Marti, 24, after the split

Pique wasted no time in moving on from his previous relationship with a woman named Clara Chia Marti, who is 24 years old.

The singer described her father as her 'best friend' and her mum as her 'partner in crime'

The artist referred to her dad as her closest companion and her mom as her accomplice.

Shakira reported rumbled Pique's affair after finding an empty jam jar in the fridge

According to reports, Shakira allegedly discovered her partner Gerard Pique’s infidelity after finding an empty jam jar in their refrigerator.

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