Shakira Spotted with a Big Smile on Her Face Checking Out Miami Homes for Sale

During her house-hunting trip in Miami, Shakira made quite a fashion statement as she sported a playful shirt. She appeared to be in high spirits and at ease while on the lookout for a new abode. Meanwhile, her former partner Gerard Piqué was assumed to be spending quality time with their kids in the United States.


In Miami, Shakira was spotted browsing new homes and laughing with some acquaintances. She donned a trendy outfit featuring a purple “Supreme” shirt with the “Shrek” font, paired with loose-fitting jeans, a green purse, purple sunglasses, and stylish platform Converse shoes in purple. However, while she appeared joyful, rumors have circulated about her personal life. One such rumor suggested that upon his arrival to the US, Gerard Piqué engaged in a fight with Shakira’s brother, Tonino Meberak. This rumor claimed that the couple argued over their children’s custody, and Tonino had to intervene to defend his sister. Karla Martinez, host of “Despierta America,” stated that this rumor was false, citing reliable sources.

Shakira’s recent relocation to the US has been a topic of discussion since last year. Although the move was delayed for a few months, Shakira and her kids Sasha and Milan have finally settled down, with the children starting school and the singer reconnecting with some old industry friends. Despite being in the public eye, Shakira and Piqué seem content with keeping their relationship private and focusing on their children’s wellbeing as their main priority.

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