JLo’s Colorful Workout Wardrobe: From Burgundy Athleisure to Hot Pink Sweats after Checking Out A-Rod’s New UFC Gym

After throwing a surprise birthday bash for her mother in New York City, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez flew to Miami via a private jet last Thursday. On Sunday, the couple visited Rodriguez’s recently purchased UFC gym in Miami for a workout session. The 51-year-old star flaunted her toned physique in fashionable burgundy workout attire. Despite their busy schedules, Lopez and Rodriguez continue to prioritize fitness and health.

Staying in shape: Jennifer Lopez, 51, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were seen out in Miami on Sunday as they visited his new UFC gym for a workout

Jennifer Lopez, aged 51, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were spotted in Miami visiting his new UFC gym for a workout on Sunday. To cover up, Jennifer wore a sweatshirt top with loose sleeves and cropped it at the bottom to give a glimpse of her toned abs, which she covered up with high-waisted leggings featuring sheer stripes over her knees. She paired her sporty outfit with white trainers and an alligator-print handbag with brown creases. For hydration, she carried a silver and black bedazzled cup from Coach and added some style to her coronavirus protection with a silver-studded mask.

Flowing: Jennifer covered up with a flowing burgundy sweatshirt with loose dangling sleeves

Jennifer wore a loose burgundy sweatshirt with flowy sleeves that hung down.

Driving in style: Alex drove the two to his gym in his red Porsche GTS

Alex, who is 45 years old, impressively chauffeured two individuals to his gym in a luxurious red Porsche GTS. The former baseball professional had announced a partnership back in 2017 with UFC gyms to procure one gym in Miami and obtain rights for constructing more branded gyms throughout Miami-Dade County. The gyms have the branding of the popular mixed martial arts company but are welcoming to both casual and professional gym-goers. Alex’s fashion sense was on point as he sported a white zip-up jacket from his own A-Rod Corp apparel company, paired with black Adidas track pants and untied black sneakers.

Woman in red: Jennifer showed a hint of her washboard abs above her high-waisted burgundy leggings, which had sheer stripes over her knees

A lady dressed in red: Jennifer flaunted her toned midriff peeking through her burgundy leggings, which featured see-through stripes on the knee area.

Stylish: The 5ft5in Hustlers star lightened up her sporty look with a set of white trainers and an intriguing white alligator-print handbag with brown-shaded creases

The star of Hustlers, who stands at 5ft5in, added a touch of style to her athletic attire by wearing white sneakers and carrying an interesting white handbag with a brown alligator print that had creases. Recently, her soon-to-be husband was spotted in the gym, focusing on his leg workouts and breaking a sweat. J.Lo, who is known for her toned physique, maintains her youthful looks through regular exercise and visits to the gym. The couple surprised J.Lo’s mother, Guadalupe, for her 75th birthday in the northern part of the country, which they documented on social media. The surprise party was held three days before her actual birthday to catch her off guard. During the event, A-Rod asked Lupe about her top three favorite Yankees players, and though he didn’t make the list, he seemed to approve of her choices.

Pumping iron: She was seen in the gym working up a sweat and focusing on her legs

No rest: The singer regularly wows fans with her fit physique, though it requires regular workouts and gym sessions to maintain her age-defying looks

Sweating it out at the gym, she was spotted concentrating on her leg workout. With her toned body, the star of Second Act never fails to impress her fans. To maintain her youthful appearance, she puts in consistent effort with regular gym sessions and exercise routines.

On the go: She and A-Rod flew to Miami on Thursday, after throwing a surprise 75th birthday party in NYC for her mother Guadalupe on Wednesday

Traveling around: On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod took a trip to Miami, right after organizing an unexpected 75th birthday celebration for her mom Guadalupe in NYC the previous day.

Fitness first: The beauty showcased her incredible body in the bold workout look

The gorgeous celebrity flaunted her amazing physique in a daring workout outfit, proving that fitness is a top priority for her. Meanwhile, Alex has been busy with new business ventures, including owning a gym. He and Jennifer also made an attempt to buy the New York Mets not too long ago, but unfortunately, their bid was unsuccessful. Despite having a group of investors on their side, their offer fell short in comparison to that of hedge fund manager Steve Cohen, who secured the team for a staggering $2.4 billion. Questions were raised about A-Rod’s past involvement with performance-enhancing substances, which may have contributed to their unsuccessful bid.

Redo: Following their stint at the gym, both Jennifer and Alex changed into sporty new ensembles

Rewritten: Once they finished their workout, Jennifer and Alex swapped their sweaty workout clothes for fresh athletic attire.

Low key: The former shortstop looked more muted in a light gray track suit with black and white trainers

Downplayed: The ex-shortstop appeared understated in a pale grey tracksuit paired with black and white sneakers.

Colorful: Jennifer traded her dark red outfit for a hot pink sweatsuit. She complemented it with a pale pink Valentino Garavani handbag and brilliant white Nikes with red and neon green swooshes

Jennifer switched up her attire and opted for a bold and vibrant hot pink sweatsuit, accessorizing it with a pale pink Valentino Garavani handbag and eye-catching white Nikes that had red and neon green swooshes. After hitting the gym, both Jennifer and Alex changed into new sporty outfits, with the singer rocking a hoodie top with her sweatsuit. Meanwhile, Alex kept it understated in a light gray track suit paired with black and white trainers.

Gorgeous: She complemented the look with a pale pink Valentino handbag and wore brilliant white Nikes with bright red and neon green swooshes

Stunning: To complete her ensemble, she paired it with a delicate Valentino purse in a soft shade of pink and rocked a pair of crisp white Nike sneakers featuring eye-catching red and neon green swooshes.

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