JLo Struts Her Stuff at Singapore Grand Prix: Flaunts Stunning Figure in Cut-Out Bodysuit and Shorts

With her curvaceous backside insured for over $27 million, Jennifer Lopez made sure to highlight her famous booty during her performance at the Singapore Grand Prix. The talented artist put on a show-stopping performance, showcasing her incredible curves as she danced on stage in a daring cut-out leotard held together by golden safety pins, along with a pair of white shorts that perfectly highlighted her bum. The 45-year-old singer later discarded a long white train, adding even more allure to her already mesmerizing performance.

Booty call: Jennifer Lopez, 45, flaunted her most famous asset on stage on Sunday as she performed a 90-minute set at the closing ceremony of the Singapore F1 Singapore Grand Prix

During a 90-minute set at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix closing ceremony, Jennifer Lopez, 45, showed off her celebrated asset with some impressive onstage moves. She had half her wavy hair tied up in a top knot and tossed it around while grinding along to the music. Despite being in her mid-forties, Jennifer has a physique that even women half her age would envy.

Grinding 9 till 5: JLo mastered that microphone like there was no tomorrow at the Formula One party

JLo slayed the mic at the Formula One party, owning it like a boss from 9 to 5. Her hair and skin were still on point, radiating flawlessness. And her booty was toned, without any trace of cellulite. The diva further enhanced her beautiful features with smoky eyeliner, peach blush, and pearly lip gloss.

Buckle up: The star wore a floaty white dress held together by safety pins which showed off her tiny waist and shapely curves

Get ready: The celebrity was dressed in a breezy white gown that was fastened with safety pins, emphasizing her slender waistline and attractive figure.

Hair raising: The Booty singer channeled her inner Tina Turner with some head shaking and booty popping moves

J.Lo had the crowd going wild at the Singapore Airlines Grand Prix bash in Padang with her electrifying 90-minute set. The Booty singer showcased some iconic moves, channelling her inner Tina Turner and serving some serious head shaking and booty popping. Her newer tracks such as First Love and I Luh Ya Papi had the audience in a party mood while she also performed some classic hits like Jenny From The Block and Waiting For Tonight from her 15-year repertoire. The crowd was mesmerized and in awe of J.Lo’s hair-raising performance which followed British Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s win.

Jennifer made the decision to discard her dress because she no longer wanted to wear it. However, unexpectedly, the dress transformed into a provocative leotard. Recently, the famous Latin-American singer came under criticism for her new music video “Booty,” which she made with Australian pop star Iggy Azalea. The viewers of the video, who contributed to the clip’s popularity of 11 million views, were quick to compare it to Nicki Minaj’s latest video “Anaconda,” which also features a lot of booty. One viewer, Huoa Xiang, wrote, “Is this a competition of butts? First Nicki with Anaconda and now JLo and Iggy with Booty! Relax, ladies.”

Marcela Brunn expressed her disappointment with the explicit content, stating that it was vulgar and lacking in sex appeal. However, many people also left positive feedback, admiring the impressive physiques that the duo had worked hard to achieve. In fact, one individual even wrote that they wished they had a body like theirs.

Look at me: All eyes were on the singer's bottom

The attention was all on the singer’s derriere as she and her co-star enjoyed their time in the limelight despite criticism. JLo showed her appreciation for Iggy on Instagram by sharing a snippet of her rap from their music video for “Booty”. The song is part of JLo’s A.K.A. album, which had lower sales compared to her previous works. However, the racy video for “Booty” is expected to boost its popularity. The video features JLo and Iggy flaunting their bodies in various sexy outfits while demonstrating impressive moves, with JLo showing off her toned legs and curves. The video ends with the words “prepare audience for maximum impact”, which proved to be true considering the attention it received.

Just Jenny From The Block: The singer went back to her Bronx roots with a heart stopping rendition of her famous hit

J.Lo Returns to Her Roots: The acclaimed singer revisited her childhood stomping grounds in the Bronx, delivering a breathtaking performance of her iconic hit.

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