“JLo Struggles with Hunger Pangs on Fourth Day of ‘No Sugar, No Carbs’ Diet while Sporting a Sports Bra”

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her fit physique during an outing in Miami on Thursday. The 49-year-old star donned a small periwinkle sports bra that accentuated her cleavage, along with multicolored leggings as she headed into SOMI Fitness. Lopez is currently on Day Four of her 10-day no carbs, no sugar diet, which she’s doing with her partner of two years, Alex Rodriguez. However, the strict meal plan may be taking a toll on her mood as the singer admits to feeling “really hungry” and was spotted not smiling during her recent appearance.

Hangry? Earlier in the day she looked a bit tense as she left the gym, failing to crack a smile

J-Lo flaunted her incredibly fit physique while out in Miami, but she didn’t seem to be in the best spirits at the time.

 Showing off what she's got: The 49-year-old siren was wearing a tiny periwinkle sports bra that showed plenty of cleavage along with multicolored leggings as she headed into SOMI Fitness

The attractive 49-year-old woman strutted into SOMI Fitness sporting a gorgeous periwinkle sports bra that displayed her ample cleavage, paired with vibrant leggings. She wore her hair down in an elegant style and adorned her signature Jenny From The Block gold hoop earrings. Along with her neon green Hermes Birkin purse, she carried a white top and donned white sneakers. This stunning woman is the mother of twins, Max and Emme, whom she shares with singer Marc Anthony.

One more week! The Second Act actress is on Day Four of her no carbs, no sugar diet which should last a total of 10 days. Also on the plan with her is beau of two years, Alex Rodriguez

It’s just one more week until J-Lo and A-Rod complete their 10-day no carbs, no sugar diet. The Second Act actress is currently on Day Four of the challenging regime, which she admits has left her feeling really hungry. She recently shared on Instagram Stories that the program is tougher than she initially anticipated, but she’s learned a lot about how sugar affects the body and is committed to staying away from it. The couple has both committed to the strict diet plan in a bid to improve their overall health and well-being. J-Lo was spotted being dropped off by a black SUV as she embraces the challenge.

A bit grumpy? But the diet may be affecting her mood as the singer - who has said she is 'really hungry' - failed to crack a smile

Seems like she’s not in the best mood. It’s possible that her diet is having an impact on how she feels. The singer has openly admitted to feeling very hungry and it appears to be showing on her face as she didn’t seem to be able to muster up a smile.

The looker had her hair down and nicely styled as she added her signature Jenny From The Block gold hoop earrings

And the Shades Of Blue star held onto her neon green Hermes Birkin purse.

The mother to twins Max and Emme - whom she had with singer Marc Anthony - held onto a white top and wore white sneakers

The observer noticed that the woman had let her hair fall freely and had it styled beautifully. She also wore her iconic gold hoop earrings that represent her personality as Jenny From The Block. Additionally, the famous actress from Shades Of Blue was carrying a bright neon green Hermes Birkin purse with a tight grip.

A smile for Instagram: The singer managed to put in a grin while posing for a selfie and insisted she was feeling a 'lil better' 

The singer flashed a smile for her Instagram followers as she posed for a selfie, claiming to feel slightly better. However, after her workout, she confessed to feeling constantly hungry without sugar and carbs. To combat this, she shared a picture of her healthy snacks, including raw veggies, sugar-free Jello, and canned tuna. In a joint message with A-Rod, J Lo encouraged fans to also adopt the sugar-free lifestyle. A-Rod admitted to struggling with the carb-free life, having only eaten eggs and avocado that day and jokingly expressed his hope that others were faring better.

Give me a croissant... a chocolate croissant: The diva was dropped off by a black SUV. J-Lo and A-Rod have now committed to a grueling new diet plan, quitting eating sugar and even most carbs. On Wednesday she admitted she was just 'really, really hungry'

May I have a chocolate croissant please? The celebrity couple, J-Lo and A-Rod, have embarked on a rigorous new diet plan that involves cutting out sugar and most carbohydrates. On Wednesday, J-Lo confessed to feeling extremely hungry. However, she later lightened the mood by challenging some famous friends to join them in the diet challenge. Alex had previously announced their plan to go carb-free and sugar-free for ten days in a video captioned ‘We pink promise.’ He later shared another post featuring a large piece of meat, captioned ‘No carbs + no sugar = lots of meat,’ and asked his followers to join in the challenge.

Ticking all the boxes: J Lo and A Rod shared a tray of snacks to ward off the hunger on their no-carb diet plan

J Lo and A Rod seem to have found the perfect solution for their no-carb diet plan – sharing a tray of snacks! The power couple has been dating since February 2017, and they are often spotted working out together. Jennifer recently expressed how working out makes her feel good and credits it for her happiness. She strongly believes that taking care of oneself and staying healthy enables one to better take care of their loved ones. For Jennifer, working out is definitely a priority.

While working out on the treadmill, the actress shared a post on Instagram Stories and mentioned that she felt extremely famished at the moment.

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