“J.Lo Stuns in Free-Flowing White Dress While Out with Daughter Emme, Following Ex Marc Anthony’s Engagement Party”

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez decided to spend some quality time with her daughter Emme in Los Angeles. The celebrity looked stunning in a long white dress that flowed in the wind, while her 14-year-old daughter accompanied her. The dress ended at the middle of her shins and JLo completed her look with a pair of tall gold platform heels.

Shopping: Jennifer Lopez spent some mother-daughter bonding time with her 14-year-old Emme on Saturday in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez enjoyed a day of bonding with her 14-year-old daughter Emme while shopping in Los Angeles. The singer and actress accessorized her outfit with thin silver necklaces and wore dark sunglasses to protect her eyes from the bright sun. She styled her hair in a tall bun on top of her head. Emme opted for a Pierce the Veil long sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans, listening to music as they headed to their car. Lopez shares Emme and her twin brother Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony, who recently got engaged to Miss Universe contestant Nadia Ferreira.

Breezy: The singer-songwriter, 52, donned a long white dress that flowed freely in the stiff Southern California breeze

In a carefree manner, the musician who writes and sings songs, aged 52, wore a lengthy white gown that swayed gently with the strong winds of Southern California.

Baring skin: Lopez showed off some skin with the dress that showed off quite a bit of her back

Exposing flesh: Lopez flaunted her physique in a revealing dress that exposed a considerable portion of her back.

Sliver of legs: Lopez's dress ended near the middle of her shins, and she walked on tall gold platform heels

Lopez donned a dress that kept her legs partially covered, with the hemline stopping midway down her shins. To complete her look, she strutted confidently on high gold platform heels.

Relaxed look: The Marry Me actress' daughter donned a Pierce the Veil long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She listened to music as she made her way to the car

In a casual sighting, the daughter of the Marry Me star was seen wearing a Pierce the Veil t-shirt and blue jeans while listening to music on her way to the car. Meanwhile, Nadia shared the news of her engagement with Marc Anthony through an Instagram post showcasing a stunning diamond ring embellished with a large emerald-shaped stone in the center and two smaller stones on the sides. The caption read, “Engagement Partyyyyy!!! [diamond ring emoji] @marcanthony.” Nadia is the reigning Miss Paraguay and was first Runner-Up in the Miss Universe Pageant, where she came second to Harnaaz Sandhu of India. Marc Anthony has been in numerous romantic relationships, including with Debbie Rosado from the early 1990s, with whom he has a daughter named Ariana Anthony, who is now 28 years old. It is also believed that Marc and Debbie adopted their son Chase.

Big news: Lopez's appearance out came just a couple days after it was announced that her ex-husband Marc Anthony was engaged to his girlfriend

Exciting update: Lopez made a recent appearance just a few days after the news broke that her former spouse, Marc Anthony, had proposed to his girlfriend.

What a stone! Nadia announced the news via her Instagram on Thursday with a snap of her beautiful diamond ring

Wow, that’s one impressive rock! Nadia just revealed on her Instagram page that she’s engaged, and the diamond ring is absolutely stunning. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time her soon-to-be husband has been married. He tied the knot with Dayanara Delgado, who was crowned Miss Universe in 1993, back in 2000. Unfortunately, the couple went through a rough patch and separated in 2002, but reconciled and renewed their vows later that same year. However, it didn’t last and they went their separate ways for good in 2003, finalizing their divorce a year later. Despite the split, they share two children together, Cristian and Ryan, who are now 21 and 18 respectively. After that, he moved on to Jennifer Lopez, who was already his longtime friend. They got married in 2004, shortly after she called off her engagement with Ben Affleck. Looks like third time’s the charm!

Bringing pride to Paraguay: Ferreira was crowned Miss Paraguay last year and finished as first Runner-Up in the Miss Universe Pageant, finishing behind India's Harnaaz Sandhu

Last year, Ferreira made her country Paraguay proud as she won the title of Miss Paraguay. She also participated in the Miss Universe Pageant and finished as the first Runner-Up, with India’s Harnaaz Sandhu taking the crown.

How long? While it's unknown exactly how long the two love birds have been seeing one another, they officially confirmed their relationship back in March

It’s difficult to determine the exact duration of their romantic involvement, but the couple made their relationship official in March. Their nuptials were kept very private, and they now have 14-year-old twin children named Max and Emme Munoz. The duo collaborated on music, including the popular duet No Me Ames, and shared the big screen in the 2006 film El Cantante, in which he portrayed salsa icon Hector Lavoe and she played his fiery wife Puchi. Jennifer’s marriage to him was tumultuous over the years, with frequent allegations of fighting and cheating that received widespread media attention.

First wife: His first marriage was to Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Delgado in 2000. They split in 2002 then got back together and renewed their vows that same year before they separated in 2003 and finalized their divorce in 2004. Together they share two children: 21-year-old Cristian and 18-year-old Ryan

Marc Anthony’s initial union was with Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Delgado in the year 2000. Their first separation occurred in 2002, but they reconciled and renewed their wedding vows. However, their relationship ended in 2003, and their divorce was finalized in 2004. Cristian and Ryan, who are currently 21 and 18 years old, respectively, are their two children.

Longtime relationship: Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were married from 2004 to 2014 (pictured 2011)

Anthony and Jennifer Lopez had a lasting relationship, as they were wedded from 2004 until 2014, as shown in a photograph from 2011.

Wife number three: Next he wed Venezuelan actress Shannon De Lima in 2014; they divorced in 2017. Seen in 2016

Marc Anthony, the prominent singer and songwriter, has been married thrice. His third wife was Venezuelan actress Shannon De Lima whom he married in 2014 but unfortunately, they divorced three years later. His second wife, Jennifer Lopez, divorced him in 2014 after she was seen without her wedding ring in 2011. Jennifer mentioned on Oprah’s show that her life changed drastically after the divorce as she had to re-evaluate everything. She also confessed that she waited until she was 38 to have kids because she never wanted to have them with anyone other than her partner. However, after the divorce, she felt like she had failed miserably and wouldn’t be able to provide her kids with what they needed. Despite the divorce, she and Marc have remained friends and even performed together on stage. Recently, Marc announced his engagement news just a few weeks after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announced their engagement.

Dual weddings for their kids: Anthony's engagement news came just weeks after J.LO and her new, old flame Ben Affleck announced they were tying the knot

The children of Anthony are having dual weddings, and just a few weeks after J.LO and Ben Affleck announced their engagement news. After being engaged from 2002 to 2004, Lopez and Affleck have found their way back to each other. Recently, the actress and singer shared a video of herself crying and admiring her engagement ring without any sight of Ben. Unfortunately, Lopez hasn’t been lucky in love as she has encountered three divorces and two broken engagements.

Take two! The 52-year-old actress and singer shared a video of herself crying and looking at her engagement ring on Friday night on her official website

Round two! On Friday night, the talented 52-year-old actress and singer posted a video on her official website that captured her in tears while gazing at her engagement ring.

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