“A Cozy Christmas Eve for Shakira and Gerard Pique: She Wraps Up, He Takes the Plunge in Miami”

Miami has been the preferred winter destination for many smart celebrities, with Shakira being one of them. The talented singer from Colombia spent her Christmas Eve with her footballer boyfriend, Gerard Pique, and their family on the beach in Florida. Shakira was seen wearing a comfortable white windbreaker and dark linen pants, while keeping an eye on her six-year-old son Milan and four-year-old son Sasha.

Mellow holiday: Shakira dressed down as she went to the beach with partner Gerard Pique and their kids on Christmas Eve while holidaying in Miami

Shakira opted for a casual look as she enjoyed a leisurely day at the beach with her partner Gerard Pique and their children during their Christmas vacation in Miami.

Brrrr! While the singer stayed cozy, her other half was happy to strip down and take a chilly dip in the ocean

Oh my, it’s freezing! While the songstress stayed warm and comfortable, her significant other had no qualms about shedding his clothes and jumping into the chilly ocean. Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, walked towards the beach and kicked off her Nike sneakers. Her face looked fresh and radiant as she spent time outside. The singer didn’t bother fussing with her long, amber hair, letting it flow freely. She headed to the shoreline to watch her sons play in the water, and her partner Gerard followed suit, joining in for some fun in the sand.

No shoes, no problem: As the star approached the sand, she took off her Nike kicks

Not wearing shoes? That’s totally fine! When the celebrity approached the beach, she decided to take off her Nike sneakers.

Go with the flow: Not being fussy, the star let her long amber locks hang down loose

Just going with the flow, the celebrity chose to keep her lengthy golden tresses unstyled and free-flowing. She wasn’t overly particular about it.

Natural beauty: She showed off a fresh-faced glow while out with the family

Her natural beauty was on full display as she enjoyed time with her family, radiating a youthful and healthy glow.

Chilly! Gerard wasn't afraid to make a splash as he hopped into the ocean with the boys

Brrr! Gerard had no fear of causing a commotion as he jumped into the chilly ocean with the guys.

No shirt, no problem: The Spanish athlete stripped off his shirt and sweats to take a dip with his young ones, putting his chiseled physique on full display

The Spanish sportsman didn’t mind going shirtless as he enjoyed a refreshing swim with his children. He proudly flaunted his well-sculpted body, having removed his top and sweatpants. Gerard’s fit physique was evident, with only a small pair of Dolce & Gabanna boxer-briefs covering him up. He appeared to be a model father, spending quality time with his kids and having fun with them.

Fit: All that covered Gerard's lean, muscular figure was a pair of tiny Dolce & Gabanna boxer-briefs

Cool cat: He wasn't frightened by the chill

Attire: Gerard looked stunning in his slender, toned physique which was adorned with a pair of scanty Dolce & Gabanna underwear.

Fun in the winter sun: He looked like the perfect dad as he played around with his offspring

Enjoying the winter warmth: With his kids in tow, he appeared to be the ideal father figure as they frolicked together under the sunny skies.

Dive in! He looked more like a swimmer than a soccer player as he dived into the water

Go for it! With his form and technique, he seemed more suited to swimming rather than playing soccer, as he gracefully plunged headfirst into the pool.

Aftermath: He quickly put his clothes back on after his dip

Outcome: Soon after taking a plunge, he hastily wore his clothes. Shakira and Gerard had a beautiful moment together post their swim. As they strolled away from the beach, Gerard fondly caressed Shakira’s face. The family cleaned up and continued to enjoy themselves by cycling around town. Shakira adorned a white Adidas hat for her ride on the pink bicycle.

Sweet: After some swimming, Shakira and Gerard shared a tender moment. While they walked off the beach, with Gerard gently stroking his love's face

Sugary: Following a dip in the water, Shakira and Gerard indulged in a heartfelt moment. As they strolled away from the shore, Gerard lovingly caressed the contours of his beloved’s face.

Ready to ride? It looked like Milan was ready for a bike ride after the beach

Are you up for a bike adventure? Milan seemed eager to hit the road on two wheels after a trip to the beach.

Cruise: After the family finished swimming, Shakira enjoyed a bike ride around town

On the cruise, once the family was done with their swimming session, Shakira took a leisurely bike ride around the town.

Topping things off: Shakira added a white Adidas hat for her cruise in the pink bicycle

Pretty pic ride: Her bicycle was perfectly girly

Finishing her look: Shakira completed her pink bicycle ride by sporting a white Adidas cap.

Wheelers and dealers: Gerard also rode around

Gerard, who is known for his wheeling and dealing, also took a ride with Shakira during the difficult time when she suffered a hemorrhage to her vocal cords in late 2017. The Whenever, Wherever hit-maker expressed her fear of losing her voice forever and how unbearable it was for her because singing was an inherent part of her nature and identity. Her depression was so severe that she couldn’t even get out of bed at times. Shakira confessed that she had never had as many disagreements with her partner as she did when she had to stop talking to save her voice.

Scary: The Whenever, Wherever hit-maker admitted last month that she feared losing her voice for good when she suffered a hemorrhage to her vocal cords in late 2017

Spooky: Shakira, the talented singer behind the hit song Whenever, Wherever, recently shared her fear of never being able to sing again after experiencing hemorrhage in her vocal cords in late 2017.

Vocal: She told The Guardian : 'I never thought that my voice would leave me, because it¿s so inherent to my nature'

According to an interview with The Guardian, the singer expressed surprise at the possibility of losing her voice, as it is such a natural part of her identity. She admits that during this difficult time, she became bitter and negative, causing strain on her relationship with her partner Gerard. Despite doctors recommending surgery, she remained skeptical and instead turned to alternative methods such as hypnosis and meditation, and even visited Lourdes for holy water in hopes of healing herself. To her amazement, her voice gradually returned without requiring an operation. She is now filled with immense gratitude for her recovery.

Tough times: Shakira admitted she has never fallen out with her partner as much as when she stopped talking, in order to save her voice

During challenging times, Shakira revealed that she and her partner had their most frequent disagreements when she chose to remain silent in order to preserve her vocal health.

Hard: 'I was so pessimistic. I was a bitter person to be around. Gerard saw the worst of me'

Difficult: ‘I held a negative outlook on life and was unpleasant to be around. Gerard witnessed my darkest moments.’

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